Volunteer Information

Volunteers Wanted

A boat pulled into the washing station and being sprayed with a host by a young man.ESLA’s volunteer board, committee members, event helpers and others with specialized skills have since the organization’s founding been its lifeblood. We’re a diverse and open group and always eager to help interested members dip their toes or take a full jump into the deep waters of protecting and preserving our lakes and connecting waters.

If you have something you feel passionately about that should be done for the benefit of all or bring special skills in just about any area — communication, finance, photo or videography, carpentry or virtually anything — reach out and let us know. Without its volunteers, there would be no ESLA. If interested please reach out via email, ElkSkegemoglakes@gmail.com.

Officer and Director

ESLA has operated since its beginnings in 1951 as a predominantly volunteer association. Our by-laws direct that approximately one-half of our officers’ and directors’ two-year terms of office expire each year, thus ensuring continuity for the organization. Terms for directors and officers are typically two years and expire at the annual meeting in late June. Some board members have been on ESLA for much more than a decade, but we usually have open spots every year. It’s an opportunity to become active in lake and shoreline management and to carry out plans in water and shoreline stewardship.

ESLA needs its members help in many areas. Besides the board, we could use assistance with boat wash events, Shore Thing and Annual Meeting events. Skills often helpful include photography, videography; editing, grant-writing, computer skills, public policy persuasion and even carpentry.

If interested, send an email to ElkSkegemoglakes@gmail.com. Board members names are listed on this website. You may know one already. Leave your phone number and waterfront address in your email to help us reach out.