Loon Scouts Needed

A “Loon Scout” observes loons throughout the year and records these observations until the loons migrate in the fall. Then the “Loon Scout” completes a short report and sends it to the Michigan Loon Preservation Association (MLPA).

Loon Scouts will be observing loons on Elk Lake and Skegemog Lake from April 1- July 1, 2011. They will help the Elk River Chain Of Lakes (ERCOL) Loon Network gather information on the loons living on these two lakes. We need to determine the numbers of loons on each lake, the territory for each nesting pair and nest locations. We will use this information to determine the next steps to protect the loons.

Loon Scouts will be given instructions on observing loons and recording their sightings. Loon Scouts will send observations to Thom Yocum, ESLA Team Leader for the ERCOL Loon Network.

Official MLPA scouts:
Elk Lake- Carl Wroubel, Paddy Brown, Pete DiMercurio
Skegemog Lake- Gerrie Thompson, Dale ClaudePierre

Download Loon Scout Report for documenting any loon sightings.
Send all reports to:
Loon Network
P.O. Box 117
Alden, MI 49612