ESLA Healthy Shorelines/Septic System Event

An ESLA event titled “Healthy Septic Healthy Shoreline” (HSHS) was held on Dec. 6, 2023. Invitations to the event went to representatives and officials of the various township, county, and tribe entities surrounding ESLA’s waterways. Unfortunately, Grand Traverse County and Clearwater Township representatives did not participate.

Anna McGlashen and Noah Jansen, from Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (TOM), presented information to participants. Anna gave us with the most important aspects and characteristics of effective ordinances which should be considered when septic system ordinances are planned. Noah Jansen (TOM) explained the mechanics of shoreline erosion, its prevention, and restoration techniques for erosion damage. The need for establishing shoreline buffer zones and greenbelts also was discussed.

During lunch there were a series of discussions regarding the benefits and challenges when drafting and adopting ordinances regarding these issues, budgeting, and general need for more resources by townships and counties after ordinances are adopted. A video of this meeting is posted on ESLA’s Youtube page.

One goal of this event was to provide attending officials with important points which should be addressed in effective septic and shoreline ordinances. A second goal was to provide attendees who formulate and enforce septic and shoreline ordinances with an opportunity to share their perspectives and challenges on these topics.

Our governmental representatives need to hear from their constituents on these important topics. Whether you live adjacent to our lakes and streams or far from them, it is important that measures be taken to protect the quality of our surface waters and groundwater. Please encourage your representatives to address these issues.

A follow-up event to further discuss planning and zoning issues is being planned for spring or summer of 2024.