ESLA Blasts

DNR biologist update on ESLA fishery

ESLA members learned from DNR Fisheries Biologist Heather Hettinger that her agency’s summer 2022 fish survey in Elk Lake revealed good, as well as concerning, results. You can watch the presentation by clicking “Play” below on the video.  The good news: Over several weeks of surveys with different methodologies, DNR crews counted more than 6,200 fish of 30 different species. More than 60% were rock bass – not exciting, but lots of fun for youngsters to catch and decent to eat. The forage base – the minnows bigger fish eat – was abundant and included many species. No diseases… Read More »

ESLA Healthy Shorelines/Septic System Event

An ESLA event titled “Healthy Septic Healthy Shoreline” (HSHS) was held on Dec. 6, 2023. Invitations to the event went to representatives and officials of the various township, county, and tribe entities surrounding ESLA’s waterways. Unfortunately, Grand Traverse County and Clearwater Township representatives did not participate. Anna McGlashen and Noah Jansen, from Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (TOM), presented information to participants. Anna gave us with the most important aspects and characteristics of effective ordinances which should be considered when septic system ordinances are planned. Noah Jansen (TOM) explained the mechanics of shoreline erosion, its prevention, and restoration techniques… Read More »