Since December 2018, the DNR has planted 132,000 brown trout in Elk Lake.  By now, many of these fish should have grown well over the minimum legal size limit of 15 inches.  There have been no successful fishing reports to either ESLA board members or the DNR.  So where are they? Brown trout had been successfully planted in Elk Lake in the past and were regularly caught.  This spring ESLA with help from the DNR will conduct an angler survey in an effort to understand what’s happened.  We need anglers to report their success, or lack of, to ESLA and the DNR over an optimal late May through early June period.  Interested?  Call or email board members Ken Krentz, (231-944-6422,, or Bob Campbell (313-806-4060, For the future of trout planting, it is critical that we learn if the fish are thriving or perhaps have left Elk for other waters in the Chain-of Lakes.  This survey will provide valuable insight.