About ESLA’s Rejuvenated Website

ESLA’s officers and board knew members deserved a more professional, and timely website. While a site always needs refreshing, we wanted more than a makeover. With a recommendation from former board member Kate Lett, who loved what ProWeb Marketing in Traverse City had done for Paddle Antrim, we chose the firm for our design. We are fans, too, of the Glen Lakes Association website and drew inspiration from its website and leaders. Three Lakes Association (Torch, Clam, Bellaire), gave permission to pull information on its site about popular fish shelters on Elk Lake and elsewhere in the Chain of Lakes.

Getting from inspiration to the finish line took many meetings and long hours of head-scratching, writing, editing, double-checking and learning a new language. My special thanks to Jan Garvey, an engineer by trade and a great organizer. She wrote much of the environmental copy and revealed her passion for ESLA’s favorite bird in the LOON.

Our newsletter editor and former president Dean Ginther delivered a trove of photos that help explain and brighten the site. Our  administrative Assistant Michael Ogle, who will regularly update the website, showed quick learning skills and kept me from making web neophyte goofs.  ESLA’s Ken “Fish Guy” Krentz, another engineer, did a masterful job on our OUR FISHERY.  Nancy Covington Schreiber, our corresponding secretary, spent hours getting our 2023 minutes up-to-date for posting. Other help came from VP George Seifried, former president Bob Kingon, Mark Stone (for authorizing free use of his company’s color illustrated map of Elk and Skegemog lakes), and Leslie Meyers, Antrim County’s Operator of Dams, for her contribution on the importance of the Elk Rapids Hydroelectric Dam. My friend, long-time ESLA member and former colleague Chip Visci helped me, too. A journalist by trade, I wrote new and rewrote old copy and edited the rest, drawing “are you done, yet?” questions daily from dearest Ruth for more than a month.

It’s done! Tell us what you think, what we’re missing and submit your best photos of life on our waters for the new Photo Gallery.

Bob Campbell, ESLA President